ESA publiserer landprofil for Norge

EFTAs overvåkningsorgan ESA publiserte fredag 5. november 2010 en såkalt landprofil for Norge.

Les pressemeldingen fra ESA om saken her:

Country profile of the Norwegian veterinary field published today


A so-called country profile for Norway has been published on the website of ESA today. Part 3 of the country profile summarises the the outcome of inspections carried out from 2000 to 2009.

The aim of the country profile is to present in a summary form the latest information available to ESA on the official controls related to food and feed safety and animal health and welfare in Norway.

The information in the country profile has been compiled from:

  • Recent written submissions and background documentation from the Norwegian authorities detailing how the official controls are organised;
  • The results of ESA's inspections to Norway in recent years and, in particular, a general review mission in Norway in January 2010 to evaluate the full range of official control systems for food and feed safety, animal health and welfare.

The country profile consists of three parts:

  • Part 1 describes the overall organisation of the Norwegian authorities and the respective responsibilities of the relevant ministries in relation to the different components of the control system.
  • Part 2 gives a more detailed description of the main responsibilities for each separate system that form the complete range of control systems in Norway covering the whole chain of animal and food production.
  • Part 3 contains an overview of inspetions carried out by the Authority to Norway since January 2000 and gives an assessment of specific recommendations which were still outstanding in January 2010.

The country profile will be updated at regular intervals based on recommendations following the Authority's inspections and audits and relevant information submitted by the Norewegian competent authorities.

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