– Mulig at omega-3 forsinker aldring

Forskere ved Universitetet i California, San Francisco, har kommet frem til at omega-3 muligens forsinker aldring hos mennesker.

Det melder nettstedet NutraIngredients.com, som skriver:

«Researchers from the University of California, San Francisco looked at the length of telomeres, DNA sequences at the end of chromosomes that shorten as cells replicate and age.

Some experts have noted that telomere length may be a marker of biological ageing.

“Among patients with stable coronary artery disease, there was an inverse relationship between baseline blood levels of marine omega-3 fatty acids and the rate of telomere shortening over 5 years,” wrote the researchers, led by Ramin Farzaneh-Far.

“These findings raise the possibility that omega-3 fatty acids may protect against cellular aging in patients with coronary heart disease,” they added.»